Purpose – Finding Yours
purpose 2

Today we’re going to talk about purpose. This is one of my favourite subjects because it has such a powerful impact on the way I live my life.


So what IS purpose? Well, purpose is your reason – it’s the reason for doing something. So when we think about purpose in our lives we think about why we’re doing something. It’s the purpose or reason for doing it. But this suggests that purpose is linked with choice. And I’ve come to discover over the years that there’s a purpose about us that we didn’t choose and we’re not going to choose, because we don’t have anything to do with it. We’re not in control of it.


Back to the beginning of you


Let me explain what I mean. Think about your conception. Your mum had hundreds of eggs in her body, each one of which amounted to half a human being. Your dad contributed hundreds of millions of sperm, just one of which connected with one egg to make a unique package – you. If it had been any other egg or any other sperm, it would have been your brother or your sister! Think about that for a minute… Does that sound random to you? I’ve come to realise it isn’t random at all.


Back to the seed


Even the biggest apple or pear tree – or any other kind of tree – started from a seed. Think about that seed for a moment. Imagine a seed, an insignificant, tiny looking seed, getting ready to grow. Now this seed might be an orange seed, so it will grow into a big orange tree. You can’t see the orange tree, but it’s there inside it, ready to grow.


Now imagine this seed going, ‘Hey! I don’t want to be an orange tree! I want to be a pear tree!’


Tough! You’re an orange seed, so you’re going to be an orange tree. This is a lot like how we all start out. We’re already something we had no hand in creating, and this idea, this vision, is really powerful to me.


Back to the rabbit corner!


Here’s another story I’d like to share with you that might help you understand this idea of purpose. A while back I was in Bristol visiting my family, and my niece Brooke drew me a picture. I looked at it and I said to her, “Brooke darling, this is a lovely picture. What is it?”… I really couldn’t tellJ


“Oh auntie!” she exclaimed, as though I were stupid for not recognising… “That’s me and my best friend, and we’re in the rabbit corner playing with the rabbit!”


“Oh yes,” I said. “I can see it now baby girl!.”


Now I never would have guessed what that picture was in a million years. In order for me to be clear about what it was I had to ask the originator of the picture to explain it.


So when I think about purpose I get really excited. I found out that if I want to know who I really was, not just who I chose to be or what I chose to do, I would have to check out the origins of me. And this applies to everything – if you want to know what something is for and what it’s about, you have to go back to the thinking behind its creation.


What are your origins?


This is what I’m encouraging you to think about today. We’ve all got different ideas about where we came from and why we’re here, but I want you to get curious about your origins. If you can think about and identify the truth behind where you came from, the mind behind your creation, you can begin to understand a bit about why you’re here. “I’m here for this,” you might realise. “This is who I’ve been created to be. This is why I’m alive.”


Let me tell you this. When I identified what I call the truth about my existence, my creation, everything else seemed to fall into place with that. Also, when things are chaotic and off kilter in my life and work it almost invariably comes down to something not lining up with the truth and my real purpose for being here.


So if you’re looking to understand who you are, you’re looking to understand why you’re here. Check out your origins. Think about what you really believe. Not what other family members believe or have told you – what YOU believe. This will give you the biggest clue that will direct you to understand who you were created to be.


Get curious!


Curiosity is a great and powerful thing, and I believe that once you start looking at the world with curious eyes you’ll begin to see clues that point you towards being a unique person, with purpose by design. I’m getting really excited about this because as I go through my life, I’m learning more about who I am.


Who were YOU born to be?


So here’s your task for today. Go to your origin, get curious and be open with yourself. Be open to the idea that the person you’ve chosen to be may not be in line with who you were born to be. Maybe this is the reason you’re having some conflict now in your work life. Maybe the person you’re trying to be in your work life is contrary to who you really are.


My favourite book about purpose says this – the whole universe and Earth wants you to discover the real you. That’s incredibly powerful. Let me tell you, finding your true purpose in life is a real game changer. So set about pursuing your real identity, the real motive for you being here – and remember it’s got nothing to do with you. Find out where it came from and follow it. You’ll be amazed how much your whole life – not just your working life – can change as a result.