Can’t You Hear The Cries?

A few days ago as I took some time out to pray and meditate after watching the news about the state of our planet, these words practically fell out of my heart… Can’t YOU hear the cries?


Hey MIDLIFE Lady Manager, fed up at work, stuck in a career and life rut, dying off at your desk…: This is not a Midlife Crisis, its a CRY from a fellow Midlife SISter…

PLEASE don’t spend another year living life in a trance like state… Wrestling, without thought, with the incessant longing in your soul for MORE: Beating into silent submission those deeply held desires to fly. Settling instead, for the mediocre, the meaningless and the mundane work and life you don’t enjoy…

Please don’t talk yourself into another year of making do, rehearsing excuses and moaning about societal abuses. 
Stop covering the deep dissatisfaction with your lipstick and fashion tricks… Can’t you hear the cries?

Hear the silent cry of the Nations begging you to “ARISE from the boring, un-fulfilling work that you could do in your ‘sleep’…

WAKE UP! from your slumber…. Don’t you know what you are carrying in your DNA? Have you forgotten WHO you are? Your feminine essence, your years of rich, deep experience, your YOUnique insights…
‘The Stuff’ of the innovation and solutions we so desperately seek and need…”

Hear the cry of the next generation urging you to be less indulgent in your familiar zone of comfort… Saying “Don’t give up now… We’re not ready to lose you; you’re God’s GIFT to us we need you to be PRESENT. We need you to continue to grow, remember, its your shoulders we’ll be standing on… We KNOW you have more to give us and though we sometimes try to pretend, in our fearful hearts, that we can handle it, don’t be fooled… WE NEED YOU!”

Hey MIDLIFE Lady Manager, fed up at work, stuck in a career and life rut, dying off at your desk… Can you hear the Chorus of Cries… We Need You!

Dion Johnson: Mentor & Messenger to Midlife Managerial Women

If you are stuck and keep saying you’ll sort things out but you never do or your effeorts arn’t working, let me help you find and FACE up to what it is thats really holding you back.

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We Need YOU!

2nd July 2013