How Stuck Are You Really?

You know, there are two types of people who get stuck and fed up at work. There are some people who get fed up and they just move on, no problem. But then there’s another group – a group of people who are fed up to the point where they are getting miserable not just in work but outside work as well. And they don’t just move on – they put up with it week in, week out, month in, month out, year in, year out, always frustrated and fed up and yet not doing anything about it.

If you are in this group, it is you I want to focus on today. You see, I really understand why you’re in this rut. Hopefully I can help you see why you are stuck, and how to turn things around so you can start enjoying your working life again. But before I do that, let me share a personal story with you because I think you’ll really identify with it.

Getting connected

A while back, I realised it would be a good idea to connect with my audience on a more consistent basis. But I kept procrastinating; I kept finding reasons to put off acting on this idea. After a while I started thinking about why I wasn’t making the changes I needed to make. Here are some of the ‘reasons’ I came up with:

  • I didn’t understand the details
  • I didn’t know what kinds of articles to create
  • I didn’t know if I would end up drifting off topic halfway through a series of articles
  • I didn’t know what order to do things in
  • I didn’t have a plan 

Aside from all this, there was another challenge I was supposed to be taking part in that kept on being put off. Every time I thought about setting up my own challenge to connect with my audience, this other challenge kept demanding my attention. I found myself thinking “Well, you know, I really should wait for them. I don’t want to upset them and I don’t want to get halfway through my own plans only to have to abandon them…”

Voices and noises

I was amazed to find I had all these noises going on in my head – all these voices saying I should and shouldn’t do certain things, and that I should think about them before committing to anything… whew, I can tell you my head was spinning with indecision! It was so hard I almost – almost – put the idea aside right there and then.

But you know something: everyone who knows me knows I like to practice what I preach. Where would we be if I sat here encouraging you to make inspiring changes for the better in your own life, yet I was too scared to make similar changes in my own?

When I stopped to think about all these voices and noises in my head, I recognised them for what they were – excuses. You know, sometimes when we know something needs to change there’s an awful lot of noise going on in our head about why we shouldn’t change, why we couldn’t change, why it wouldn’t work. It’s perfectly normal to have these thoughts – in fact it usually means you’re on the right track!

Finding the answers as you go along

But I want you to know that even though I don’t have all the answers, even though I don’t know what the topic of my next article is going to be, and even though I know I’ll come up against uncomfortable moments now and then, I’m going to make a start.

I’ve also decided that no matter what happens, no matter what comes up or whatever mistake I make, I know I’ve got what it takes to move on from this point. And you can take the same path when you decide you can do better than your current working situation.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do. If your work life is in a rut and you’ve been sitting in that rut procrastinating for a while, I’m asking you to have faith and confidence in your own abilities. Make a start today – do something to break out of that rut – something, anything. I know you don’t have all the answers and you don’t know how it’s going to end up. You’re probably frightened and uncertain of the future. But let me tell you, I believe and I want YOU to believe that whatever happens as a result of you taking these first steps, you can manage. There is something inside of you that will come up with an idea for the next step, and you’ll be able to move on as a result.

And guess what – just as I will be growing as I write these articles, so you will be growing because your work life is about to change dramatically. So here’s to your significant and spectacular work life transformation, and keep an eye out for my next article. Good luck and remember – the first step is important, regardless of how big or small it might be.