Managerial Woman over 40? Where Will You Be One Year From Now?


Think about what your life could look like a year, five years… even 10years from now? What do you see?

What you see and say yes to, in your thoughts, about your future, will determine the steps you take , and the direction you set of in (or don’t as the case may be) So, of course, it is important to think about where you are going.

But, there is a mistake I see many midlife managerial women make when they eventually make up their minds to answer the call of their heart and begin to pursue the MORE they are longing for. It’s this… that they assume and presume that the way their life has been in their history and is right now will determine and limit the way life and work could be in the future.

There is something to this notion. I can definitely testify that women who pursue the “more” type life will often experience a “Click” as they find their new groove in the marketplace, as the previously seemingly unrelated facets of life, so far, both personal and profesional, click into place and becomes useful in a new and powerful ways when it all comes together. But it is a mistake to be prescriptive about what you will do, be and have.

Richard Buckminster Fuller says it like this:

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

Whilst its wise to explore how your past and present work and life experiences will play out in your future work life, it is also prudent to “be open” to unusual, innovative, new, uncommon, even unusual ways to show up in the world in your new phase of life.

Four Tips to be open:

Pray: Talk to God, meditate, open yourself up to the realm of the spiritual to clues and signs about the plans for this phase of your life

Journal: Acknowledge and record your thoughts, dreams, experiences and look back over your what you have written monthly… look out for themes, clues and the seed of ideas that will almost invariably develop. Whilst doing this, give yourself to be outrageous, unrestricted, unrealistic! Challenging for some but like a muscle, it stretches and strengthens with exercise:-)

Meet new people: Have new connections and experiences, whet your appetite for the unfamiliar

See the world through new eyes:Listen to the news, hear what the people in your industry and your world are concerned about and challenged by. Begin asking, what do I think about this, how can I help, do I want to help?

“Be Open” to new possibilities!